Taking Extra Care – by Emily Toland

Being a Childcare Provider isn’t for everyone.
You have to have a non stop supply of energy for games and tantrums, not to mention the ability to try and answer any questions that pop into a child’s head. That being said, if you fit the bill then looking after children can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can get. Watching a child grow up and knowing that you are contributing to their lives is the most wonderful privilege.
As a nanny, I have the great responsibility of taking care of three remarkable little ones, each of them with a great thirst for knowledge and bundles of energy. However, being a nanny isn’t all games and art work – there are some really big challenges that have to be over come every day which can be a big struggle for children and their families. A child with a genetic disorder is just like any other child, they want to make friends, play games and make the most of their childhood and, although Nurseries and Schools offer a wide range of support, the extraordinary work of charities can
sometimes be overlooked. I have always taken a very active interest in children’s charities as I feel they are one of the best networks of ongoing support and their fabulous events mean that everyone can get together and enjoy activities that are designed specifically for children with genetic disorders. Every little one deserves the best possible start in life and children’s charities are such a massive support in what can sometimes feel like a very over whelming situation.

Ragdolls, amongst other charities, is a charity that I have been very proud to support and promote as I feel their ongoing research is invaluable to the continuing development of helping children with genetic disorders.
So, spread the word – you may not be directly affected by this tremendous research but chances are someone you know will be extremely grateful to find out that there are people who are helping.


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