The need for Fundraising by Anne Gillespie

I’m speaking to Jennifer Marshall who is our Fundraising co ordinator for Glasgow. Her team are regualarly going door to door in the city speaking to the public about our work and gathering more support.
What is the biggest challenge a fundraiser faces?
It’s never easy having somone approach your door and ask you for a donation. No one really likes having their personal space impinged so when the hear the knock on the door they have already made their mind up. The biggest challenge then is changing their mind and showing how necessary their donations are

Why should people support Charity?
Charities by definition are non profit. This means that unlike large corporations or even small businesses the main aim of charities is not to build a large bank balance. Charities aim to support a cause first and foremost. To help them achieve this they rely on the generosity of the public.
How do you convince people to support Ragdolls UK?
No tricks, no hidden schemes. The best thing to do is to lay out all of the benefits to young children with genetic disorders that Ragdolls are helping to bring. The possible improvements in lifestyle, opportunities and treatments for these kids are tremendous with Ragdolls help. simply let them know this and then they can decide for themselves.
How is the money spent?
Unlike larger charities Ragdolls try to keep the amount taken from each donation that is used for
administrative costs to a minimum. 80p from every £1 donated will go towards research projects, activities and support for the children and families concerned. They also offer a questionnaire to all members and supporters which allows them to offer their opinion on where the money should be spent.

Finally, any words/ advice for our supporters?

A huge thank you for your continued support on behalf of myself, the fundraisers and the entire Ragdolls team.

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