The Students Guide to Volunteering: by Emily Toland

Charity Work: Good for the Soul (and the C.V)

Going back to education as a mature student can be a very daunting experience. What will be expected of me? Will I find all of my classes? Will I be confident in group seminars? The list goes on and on.

When attending one of the many open days a little ray of familiarity caught my eye and gave me a sense of relief.

Charity work.

University is not all studying and socialising. You attend university in order to give you the skills and qualifications to obtain that dream job. For this, charity work is invaluable. Becoming a volunteer opens the door to fantastic opportunities and gives you a wonderful sense of achievement. Also, having charity work experience on your C.V is a great way to appeal to many future employers. A student who finds the time to commit to volunteering speaks volumes when demonstrating reliability and organisation. Not only does it help equip you with exceptional new skills, it is vital for any charity organisation to keep their work progressing further. An article published in Forbes Magazine1 stated that The Corporation for National and Community Service found that volunteers were 27% more likely to gain employment than those who don’t – something to think about. Employers will look upon those who have taken time to volunteer as a passionate and determined individual who is keen to develop life skills as well as academia.

For me, I have met some truly amazing people whilst volunteering. Working together as part of a team to put together Grand Balls, lunches or Christmas Fairs have been some of the most worthwhile experiences I have had.

So why not volunteer today? Ragdolls is a brilliant charity dedicated to the ongoing research of children with genetic disorders. Get involved today with one of the upcoming events and help the charity, as well as your C.V, flourish.




Collamer, N. (2013). “Proof that volunteering pays off for job hunters”. Available: Last accessed 29/03/2015.

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If you are looking to become a member of the Ragdolls UK team please contact us at

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