The Doctor’s Waiting Room: by Alison Harvey

The room is silent. The lighting is harsh. The posters and information pasted over the pale walls have become blurred. This sounds like something from a horror movie but unfortunately it is the reality for many families as their children are diagnosed with a genetic disorder.

As the doctor begins to describe how it will change your life you aren’t really understanding what they are saying. Their soft, soothing tones do nothing to comfort you as your mind races back and forth over the implications of what you are about to face. A husband, mother or other family member may be there to hold your hand but they have never seemed so distant.

Genetic disorders come in a variety of forms. Some have more serious symptoms than others. Parents of a Down’s Syndrome child often ask themselves, ‘Will my child be accepted?’ Parents of a child with Cystic Fibrosis endure the heart ache of wondering, ‘Will I out live my child?’

These are questions that no parent should have to ask but the reality is that two babies are born every day in the UK with Down’s Syndrome and the life expectancy of a Cystic Fibrosis patient is still only 35.

We can’t stop the doctor’s office being such a daunting place when you are told that your child may need special care. However, the work of Ragdolls UK registered charity SC043805) continues so that Down’s Syndrome children know that there is someone out there battling to ensure them the best quality of life. Just ten years ago the average life span of a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer was 18. With the help of the research and development that Ragdolls UK aid this life span will continue to climb, bringing new treatments and understanding to the forefront.

The diagnosis is never easy as you hold your baby in your arms and it is only just the beginning but Ragdolls UK are on hand to provide advice, support and much needed information.

Please call 0845 388 0546, email or visit for more information.


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