Spotlight on Turner’s Syndrome; by Alice Winters

What is a genetic disorder?

Well each of us are made of a unique combination DNA molecules which in turn determines lots of things about us like hair colour, eye colour etc. This is such an intricate process and sometimes it can go wrong.

Turner’s Syndrome is just one of the conditions that can be caused by a disorder in our genetic makeup. The human karyotype (the make up of chromosomes which contain DNA) has 23 pairs. One of these pairs are called the sex chromosomes. In a girl with Turner’s syndrome one of those sex chromosomes are missing. Turner’s Syndrome sufferers are always girls.


Common symptoms associated with Turner’s Syndrome are:

  • Short in height
  • Under developed ovaries
  • Thick neck tissue (or webbing of the neck)
  • Heart conditions
  • Kidney abnormalities
  • Ear problems

There is no cure for Turner’s Syndrome but the symptoms can be treated. It is recommended that Turner’s girls visit their specialists regularly. A close check on their heart and reproductive health will be kept throughout their life.

Our very own Dr Tracey Connelly is a Turner’s girl. Like her Turner’s girls are generally vibrant, creative individuals.

The information in this article has been researched from However, nothing can replace the invaluable advice you will receive from your GP so do consult them if you require any further information.

If you feel that Ragdolls UK can be of help to you be sure to contact us to see what extra support, information and general guidance we have available.



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