The Kindness of Strangers; By Stacey Bradley

“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” said Blanche Dubois.

Each charity sets out on its own mission but in order to achieve that they require the help of the general public. Ragdolls UK is no different. Established in 2013, Ragdolls UK had a vision of providing advice and support for girls with Turner’s Syndrome and their families. Three years later they continue to build on this by providing support groups and awareness campaigns.

Hope has been brought to thousands across the UK. This can only be continued with your help. In the years ahead Ragdolls UK  wants to reach further, build larger and usher in a new age.

With as little as £2 per month we can help improve the lives of those with Turner’s Syndrome.

Contact Ragdolls UK today for more information at We welcome you as a monthly sponsor and your support is very much appreciated.

In return we will keep you up to date with how your money is helping improve lives and you will receive invitations to our events held throughout the year.

Thank you

The Ragdolls UK Team


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