Three years on a mission!

December marked the third anniversary for Ragdolls UK and in a comparatively short space of time I am pleased to say we have achieved so much.

  • Thousands of patients, families and friends across the UK have been provided with a one stop shop for information, support, advice and friendship.
  • Our hard working volunteer staff have paved the way for interesting blogs, fundraising campaigns and befriending.
  • We have started building support groups available for girls with Turner’s Syndrome and their families.

This is amazing and it is much further than I could have ever hoped Ragdolls UK would be after three years. The mission we set out on was to support Turner’s Syndrome girls in whichever way they felt was needed most. We have never strayed from our mission. It has only continued to get stronger.What I am now looking for in the future is to build on that success.

None of this could have been possible without the public interest our cause has generated, the volunteers who have so generously donated their time and gotten involved as well as the lovely Turner’s Syndrome girls and their families that we have met along they way.

So excited for 2017 🙂

Tracey Connelly

Please take the time to check out our website at which has information about our projects, our partners and any volunteer opportunities we have available.

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