Have Your Say; by Tracey Connelly

I am very proud to say there are a lot of things that make Ragdolls UK unique as a charity. We are blessed with a team who are not only relentless in their pursuit of better understanding, treatment and care for girls with Turner’s Syndrome but are also wholeheartedly willing to give up their time to help others. As a charity this is never taken for granted. It is only with the Ragdolls UK team that the charity has been able to make such strides in a short three years.

What also makes Ragdolls UK unique is the approach we take to the support and care that we can offer. Unlike any other charity, we open the floor to our members, their families, medical staff and even the general public to offer them the chance to let us know where they think our efforts are best concentrated. It was a decision that was made on the founding of the charity and it is one we still stand firmly behind.

Take the time to fill in a few brief questions. Are you or someone you know affected by Turner’s Syndrome? Then your answers can help us pin point the areas where help is needed most. Even if you aren’t and you have just stumbled upon this by sheer coincidence then still feel free to let us know. The few minutes that it will take you to answer the short survey can make a life changing difference to many.



Click HERE to take our survey today!



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