Ways to Help

Helping a charity can come in many different forms.

One off Donations

This is a great way to show your support. Donations large and small go a long way towards allowing Ragdolls UK continue their mission.

Monthly Donors

For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee each month you can help Ragdolls UK build on their support groups available across the UK.

You can donate securely through PayPal. Click HERE and follow the instructions.

To become a monthly subscriber by direct debit please contact ragdolls.uk@gmail.com

Ragdolls UK Events

There are various events which raise awareness and funds for our cause that we host throughout the year. Visit our website for more information on them and how you can get involved.

If you would like to host your own event in aid of Ragdolls UK contact ragdolls.uk@gmail.com and our friendly team will help you in whichever way they can.

October will bring The Melissa Jayne Charity Gala. Click HERE to read Melissa’s story and why she is on a mission raise awareness for Turner’s Syndrome.

Tickets are available now but are going fast. Click HERE to read more about this fantastic event and grab your tickets.

Torrance Media Products

Books, movies, graphic novels and much, much more are available from Torrance Media. A whole host of entertainment can be yours with proceeds going to Ragdolls UK.

Author and founder of Ragdolls UK, Vivika Widow, has pledged proceeds from all of her novels to our cause. Click HERE to check out what’s available!

Click HERE to check out what is available from Torrance Media

Shop Online

Thanks to GoRaise you can now support Ragdolls UK projects without any extra cost to yourself. Simply click HERE and shop online as normal. With thousands of retailers to choose from your shopping will go a long way in bringing Ragdolls UK support to those who need it most.

Share our Awareness

Not all of your support need be money. Awareness campaigns form a big part of what Ragdolls UK do. We bring up to date statistics, advice and support. The doctors office and can be a frightening place. By clicking ‘share’ on our articles and social media posts you are helping spread the word!

Out campains are spread from our website and all of our social media feeds. Connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter strengthens our community and our reach.

Save your stamps

Our partners at Recycling for Good Causes are offering donations to our cause in exchange for your old stamps! Simply follow the instructions below and help us fund new and existing projects.

stamp notice w sm.jpg

Take our Survey

Ragdolls UK are unique in that we ask our members, medical professionals and the general public to help us steer our fundraising efforts to where it is needed most. Take our short survey and have your say in the future of Ragdolls UK.

Volunteer with Us

Our blogging community has become a great source of advice and information for our members. We accept articles on the subject of genetic disorders, our projects and any others that may be of interest to our readers. Contact us if you would like to get involved.

For more information on other volunteer opportunities available visit our website

Whichever way you choose to support Ragdolls UK your generosity is greatly appreciated. We are always excited to welcome new Ragdollers. Working together we can bring better understanding, treatments and aid to those who suffer from genetic disorders.

If you would like more information on how you can lend your support to our cause email ragdolls.uk@gmail.com and someone will get back to you to discuss it further.


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