The Turner’s Syndrome Health Check

Being a Turner’s girl means that it is a must that you keep a regular check on your heart, kidneys and reproductive system throughout your life. It’s not pretty but it is necessary.

As a Turner’s girl I also have a heart condition. Most of my life has been speckled with visits to a cardiologist.

How can you stay heart healthy?


Well diet is always important. We’re not asking you to live vegan, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free. Some of you may be able to handle that but if you’re like me you may just want to cut back on the things that are bad for you. For the most part it is pretty simple – less sugar, fat and salt. If you are concerned or you feel you can make use of more in depth help a dietitian may be of use to you.


I’m no gym bunny but getting some regular exercise is vital in keeping your heart healthy. This can be as simple as taking a light walk or getting off the bus a stop earlier. Climb stairs where you would normally opt for the elevator.

Not only is exercise good for your heart but it’s also a natural anti depressant. Can’t say better than that!

Get Out There

Us Turner’s girls are given a list of things that are wrong with us, what may become wrong with us and what we shouldn’t do. We are a strong, determined and vibrant group of girls and we can do whatever we put our minds to!

All in all, my advice is this:

Keep your regular check ups

Keep your body healthy

Show the world what your made of.

This is not intended as replacement for the advice from your specialist or GP. If you have medical concerns please contact your clinic.

For more in depth detail of how you can keep yourself healthy ask your doctor for more information or to discuss this further with our team contact


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