A message of Hope; by Anna J

Our mission is to help as many girls with Turner’s Syndrome as possible by linking them to the support they need.

Whilst there is some help out their for parents there is very little for the rest of the family. Speaking to STV news in 2015, Tracey Connelly stated, “I was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome as an infant and although the doctors were there every step of the way, as I got older I realised that no one had asked any of my three brothers how they felt. There was no real support or information available to them to help them understand the condition. Ragdolls UK was set up to be inclusive of everyone who feels they could use a friendly ear.”

What makes Ragdolls UK unique as a charity is the constant survey available for members, medical professionals and general public to offer their opinions on where help is needed most. We feel this helps guide the fundraising efforts in the most efficient way.

In 2016 a staggering 80% of those who took the survey declared that more support groups should be Ragdolls UK’s focus.

Our mission in 2017 has been to build support groups for girls with Turner’s Syndrome so they can receive the help, advice, support and friendship they need.

Thank you for making it such a great four years for Ragdolls UK so far. Working together we can bring our message of hope further!



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