What is Turner’s Syndrome (A Handy Video Guide)

For every girl and woman with Turner’s Syndrome we support there are several more across the world who have never heard of the condition. Despite occurring in about 1 in 2000 girls and women globally we are still asked, ‘What is TS?’

It isn’t very deeply explored in medical courses. When I switched GP and needed a referral to a clinic the doctor had to consult her textbooks!

We have a huge amount of resources at our fingertips so we are delighted to share this informative video from Health Sketch.

If you would like to learn more we have some informative guides available on request or you can contact ragdolls.uk@gmail.com to arrange to chat with one of our team!

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  1. Turner syndrome, https://fdna.health/syndromes/turner-syndrome/, occurs randomly when the female fetus is developing in the womb. Baby girls with the condition are born with only one normal X chromosome. The second x chromosome is missing or partially missing.

    In some cases, a genetic syndrome may be the result of a de-novo mutation and the first case in a family. In this case, this is a new gene mutation which occurs during the reproductive process. Awareness is very important, as is support for those both facing and living with a Turner syndrome diagnosis.


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