Who’s On The Line? By Marion Kirkwood

We are a small charity and as such we only have so many people on hand to help. What Ragdolls UK does have to offer are a hard working team of supporters and volunteers who offer their time wholeheartedly in the aim of helping Turners Syndrome girls and women to achieve their full potential.

We are doing all we can and our survey has given us the chance to install a phone line system that is available for all those affected by Turner’s Syndrome to contact for friendly advice or even just a chat. Our small community approach means you need not be afraid of a doctor’s office or a large corporation. We are fun, informal and we are here for you.

We will have this phone line manned as often as we possibly can so in order for us to be available for those who need it most please keep all calls to this line for support calls only.

The collection that is carried out door to door in areas of Glasgow is coordinated by Mega Company (SEPA registration WCR/R/1145917). Pleae direct any enquiries RE: collections to Mega Company on 0758 962 887

If you would like to organise someone to call you back instead please send what details you can to ragdolls.uk@gmail.com and someone will get back to you.

Together we can do this!



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