Body Image in Turner’s Syndrome

Body image is a worry for a lot of women. This is especially true for women and girls with Turner’s Syndrome. Weight gain, physical attributes and general expectations thrown on us by society makes it a minefield when we look in the mirror. What I find most important to take from those observations is the uniqueness. Not just in Turner’s Syndrome but in general. We are all unique and it is that diversity that makes this world really something special. If we keep ourselves healthy then why shouldn’t we be proud of our shape, our colourings or vitality as human beings?

I was speaking at a school some time back and the young girls there were asked what makes them most proud of being a girl. It was disheartening when most of them gave answers such as, ‘being able to do my nails,’ or ‘having nice hair.’ It could be that they are just of that particular age when they are thinking of little else and are learning to become young women but it did show me that there was a void there. There is a void in those little girls who are just starting to learn their worth. I remind my 8yo niece all the time that she has so much to offer the world besides her beauty. What it all comes back to for me is being a pre teen TS girl myself and looking around my classmates and having the pressure of looking a certain way pushed upon me. It can be hard enough being reminded of the things you may or may not be able to do without physical appearance becoming a shall we say ‘trending topic’.

Be your best self!

In closing I’d like to remind my TS sisters that you are beautiful, you are valued and most importantly you are a unique flavour in a world of bland so own it.

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