Fundraising to support girl children with Turner’s syndrome by Avijita Kharel

I am a person who loves all forms of life. I have huge concern for social issues. I do my best to be mindful of my own impact in the world and practice compassion towards every being by adopting ethical behaviours. I have worked to fundraise for children’s organisations like SOS children’s village and Save the children and worked as a helper in Disabled service centre. I have volunteered in animal rights organisation and women’s rights organisation before. I am committed to only work for social, ethical and environmental causes that benefit society and nature.

I recently moved to Glasgow to study Environmental Engineering and was looking for part-time charity jobs which is how I discovered a voluntary position for Fundraising Manager in Ragdolls UK. As I read Tracey’s articles describing rare genetic disease Turner’s syndrome that only affects girls, I felt the need to contribute to the cause of supporting girl children with Turner’s syndrome. As the symptoms manifest during highly sensitive childhood age and continue towards teenage years and adulthood, it is important to support these young girls embrace their unique personalities to become independent and confident adults. Considering the fact that there already are huge gaps in female only issues in society from gender pay gap to various forms of gender inequality, it is even more important to raise awareness and support this cause affecting only females.

Ragdolls UK is a small charity committed to raise awareness and provide helping hand to the families, friends and well-wishers of the children with Turner’s syndrome. Compared to big INGOs, small charities receive very small percentage of help and donations from the public although their responsibility is not anything less. To tap into digital and online fundraising is crucial for small charities especially in these times of pandemic lockdown when we have responsibility to maintain social distance. As it is said, ‘Little things hold great value’, little bit of our time, effort, skills, and money for great causes can make a huge difference in someone else’s lives.

One does not necessarily have to have fundraising experience to be able to help with Digital Fundraising in Ragdolls UK. If one has skills in Web Analytics, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Data Analytics, Content Writing, Lead generation or campaigning, and the strong determination to contribute for small charity working tirelessly to champion every girl with Turners Syndrome, that is enough. Therefore, I find it very meaningful to contribute my time and energy to this cause of uplifting young girls reclaim their innate potential to become valuable members of society. I would encourage anyone with the willingness, spare time, and resources to lend a helping hand.

If you are able to help contact 07710583780 or email for more information.

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