The Big Question by Alison Harvey

As TS women we face a lot of extra challenges. There are often a host of specialists to see, health checks to make and rights we have to advocate. It’s a struggle. Then there are the social aspects. chatting to some of my TS sisters it was quite a common theme where they felt it was difficult to make and maintain friendships. Maybe this is just part of the fast paced modern world or maybe it is a sign of the social struggles TS women meet. I’m sure there are better people than I who can discuss that more thoroughly and more appropriately. I admit I’m not much of a social butterfly. I’ve always found myself awkward and anxious in social situations.

Friendships are one thing but what about romantic relationships? Discussing this topic with these same TS sisters there arose a big question. How soon into a relationship do you reveal that you are unable to have children (in the conventional sense). Some people feel it’s better to get to know the person first. Discussing fertility issues may seem like jumping the gun. Then again if it is a deal breaker then it’s best to know upfront, correct?

In a modern age when women are given more options than being mothers it is still a hot button issues. For TS women it is a way of life. Do share your thoughts? When would you feel it best to discuss this with your partner?

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