GoRaise and help Ragdolls UK; by Edita Collins

Fundraising nowadays requires a lot of thought, effort and determination. Few people enjoy being stopped in the street and asked for charitable donations. We believe that everyone should feel good about the act of donating and not pressured into giving money to a good cause they might not normally choose to support. Giving a donation to a good cause shouldn’t be a barrier – it should become a normal part of our everyday lives.

We know that bigger charities in the UK are doing great, while smaller ones are left with very modest funds. As per Alison Benjamin, the editor of Guardian Society, the biggest health charities like Cancer Research UK, NSPCC, Oxfam and the RSPCA make over £10m annually. In contrast, the majority of charities (54%) are very small, local volunteer-run organisations that receive much less funds and really struggle to keep going.

We understand how difficult it is for smaller charities to get help and support as they mainly rely on funds raised by their local communities. Fundraising campaigns and events can cost a fortune and require lots of planning and time. How can this be solved? Well, as fundraising trends are moving forward, it is time for charities to re-invent their money raising strategies. Did you know that in 2015, 93% of donors made a donation online, using their phones and tablets?


That’s why we have created GoRaise, to make it easy to support your chosen cause or charity just by shopping online. We have partnered with over 3,000 most popular UK retailers who will turn your purchases into donations at no additional cost to you! With GoRaise, every purchase is “guilt-free” as you are raising money to help a charity at the same time.

We love helping all charities regardless of their size. Anyone can create a free online fundraising page and start raising money right away! We’ve also prepared a useful kit of marketing tools to make sure you can spread the word on Facebook and twitter and get more people involved. The more supporters you have, the more donations will come your way!


We are happy and proud to be supporting such an amazing charity like Ragdolls UK and see them keep growing all the time. Since their start in 2013, the charity made a difference in thousands of lives across the UK. The aim of Ragdolls UK is to support to those suffering from Turner’s Syndrome. They also provide information advice to those who suffer, their families, friends and anyone who needs help.

We encourage you to make a difference as well – choose Ragdolls UK as your supported charity on GoRaise and give them a donation every time you shop online! Every little helps and Ragdolls UK will definitely appreciate your kind gesture.

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