At Risk by Annelie N

… Is every one of us,
And diagnosed as terminal the instant we are born, Few tough realize their fate,
Few of us can cope,
With reading in their cards,
Of risks and doom and gloom.
A black and suffocating cloud Of crave responsibility Stifling laughter,
Painting grey your days.
Two more questions,
For every certainty you seek,
First the facts-
And secondly, to live in doubt.
With white rooms and tests and worry, Long and painful days to lose.
Still, sometimes helpful glimpses,
Of the things that are in store, Sometimes planning and acceptance, Hope.
Questions- Not to be asked lightly, Answers- To be pondered on,
And knowledge-
To be handled with great care.

If you would like to learn more about Turner’s Syndrome or what support is available contact

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